Financial report on the work of the Fund in October 2021

"A Country to Live in" Foundation team expresses gratitude for the financial and informational support to all who are not indifferent!

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"A Country to Live in" Foundation continues its activities to help political prisoners, develop civil society, and build a real country to live in Belarus, in which the rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected.

We are developing initiatives to help Belarusians who suffer from the actions of the criminal regime. You can still support the families of political prisoners and collect the political prisoner for a prison transfer.

In October, thanks to you, we managed to implement the project "Buy flowers for a mother whose son is behind bars." Our volunteers traveled around many cities of Belarus - from the capital to the smallest regional centers and presented 220 bouquets to mothers of political prisoners. Unfortunately, for the sake of safety, we cannot share photos of happy faces, convey the genuine emotions of people, their joy, but you should know - all together, we have done an excellent and important deed. This support and solidarity shown in the darkest days of the dictatorship will not be forgotten.

Today we are working on a new project - "Santa Claus Mail." With its help, everyone can buy a New Year's present for a little Belarusian whose parents are heroes. To give warmth and care to children whose mom or dad was thrown behind bars by an evil older man. What could be more important on Christmas and New Year's Eve?

In October, our Fund took part in the World Congress of Belarusians. We understand perfectly well that only together, in solidarity, we will defeat the terrible dragon, which does not want to leave our country alone. It is also essential that Congress propose concrete steps to get out of the current crisis and projects for the development of the economy and society in the new Belarus. It must be and will be a real country to live in!

The work on the translation of the Foundation's website into Belarusian is nearing completion. For a month and a half, new materials have been available in three versions, and the site interface is available in Belarusian. Thanks to our tireless volunteers, all archival materials have been translated. Now we are finishing the process of placing them on the site.

In addition, on October 31, "A Country to Live in" foundation celebrated its first birthday. This year was filled with a variety of emotions for us: sadness and joy, tears and children's laughter. We went through the detention of our friends, colleagues, pain, and disappointment, but also through joy, unity, and support. Thank everyone that you were, are, and continue to be with us.

All the activities of our Fund would have been impossible without the financial and disinterested assistance of Belarusians both abroad and within the country. Thanks a lot!

For the first time in many years, Belarusians worldwide have a common goal - the departure of a dictator and the creation of a truly legal and just state in Belarus. "A Country to Live in" foundation is at the forefront of this fight against totalitarianism, and helping political prisoners and their families is one of the critical factors in achieving success.

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about our Foundation and the help we provide to people in Belarus together.
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