Financial report on the work of the Fund in March 2021

"A Country to Live in" foundation team expresses gratitude for financial and informational support to all who are not indifferent!

Download the full March report in PDF format.


Our Foundation continues its activities for the Belarusian people's benefit and the development of civil society in Belarus. Thanks to you, we continue to help many people and develop new projects!

What we have already done and what we are working on now:
  • we continue to work on a PR campaign project and assistance to political prisoners: we tell people's stories, talk about the courts, broadcast programs and write letters, keep in touch with relatives, and provide material support. You can apply for help here;
  • we continue the information project "Real News": analytics, life stories, truthful information about Belarus and Belarusians;
  • we are developing the "Self-government" project. We hold meetings in online and offline formats, learn how to write appeals, write complaints and petitions to make our yards, districts, cities, and our Belarus better;
  • we carry out the work of the legal project "Let's back to the legal track." The state must comply with its laws, and we will tell you how to do this. Get legal help here;
  • launched the “Economy on Fingers” project, in which, with figures and facts, we talk about the depth of the economic decline under the Lukashenko regime and the ways out of this crisis;
  • introduce the Foundation's Ambassadors, who popularize our activities in their countries of residence.

We work and help many people only thanks to you! Tell your friends and acquaintances about "A country to Live in" foundation and the help we provide to Belarus. This will bring us closer to the common Victory!

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