Results of the work of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (February 15-21)

Summing up the work of  "A Country to Live in" fund over the past week (February 15-21).

Material aid:
  • Received 24 people (7,200 € paid), 27 people are waiting in line. Donate HERE

Visa assistance:
  • 15 people applied, 9 submitted documents, 6 people are waiting for the date of submission. Get help HERE

Legal assistance:
  • Two people approached and received help. You can fill out an application for legal assistance following the LINK.

  • International payment system PayPal awarded us the status of a charitable organization
  • Summed up the first results of the shelter's work in Bialystok
  • A series of posts about the petition was launched. We will go through all the stages, from creation to collecting signatures
  • Transfers were organized to 10 prisoners in the pre-trial detention center of Minsk for a total weight of 52.5 kg.
  • The news section is now regularly updated on our website. Read the incredible stories of people who were forced to flee the country and are already safe in the shelters of Vilnius and Bialystok right now.

Thank you for being with us!
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