Results of the work of "A Country to Live in" Foundation for the week (March 15-21)

Summing up the work of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (March 15-21).

Material aid:
  • Received by 9 people (2,700 € paid), 3 people are waiting in line. Donate HERE

Visa assistance:
  • 16 people applied and submitted documents. Get help

Legal assistance:
  • 4 people applied and received help. Fill out an application for legal assistance using the link

  • An action dedicated to Constitution Day was held. Material has been released, which tells about how the Basic Law of Belarus works
  • Collection of signatures under the petition against torture in Belarus begins
  • We tell about the alternative of education for students expelled from Belarusian universities
  • Together with the Master of Economics, Alisa Ryzhychenko, we began to talk about different aspects of life in Belarus and neighboring countries. We found out that Belarusians give most of their income to food products compared to residents of the European Union

Read more about what we have done this week on our website in the news section.

A new working week awaits us! Thank you for being with us!.
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