The results of the work of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (June 7-13)

Let's sum up the work of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (June 7-13).

Material aid:
  • Received by 3 people (paid 900 €), 2 people waiting in line.
Leave a request for financial assistance to volunteers.
Fill out the form to help the family of a political prisoner.

Visa assistance:
  • 16 people applied and submitted documents.
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Legal assistance:
  • Asked and received 2 people.
You can fill out an application for legal assistance following the link.

In addition, we:
  • supported the opening and the work of a multi-day tent meeting at the Medininkai-Kamenny Log checkpoint
  • received letters and asked for your support for Stepan Latypov and Alexander Telego
  • told why it is important to talk about torture in Belarusian prisons and why parcels to prisoners are necessary.

Read more about our work on the website.

Thank you for being with us!
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