Results of the work of the "A Country to Live in " foundation for the week (February 8-14)

Results of the work of  "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (February 8-14)

Financial aid
  • Received by 14 people (4,200 € paid), 42 people are waiting in line. Donate HERE

Visa assistance
  • 17 people applied. 8 have submitted documents, 9 are waiting for the date of filing. Get help HERE

Juridical aid
  • Received by three people. The third episode of the project, "Let's Back to the Legal Track," was also aired. Read the text version here. You can fill out an application for legal assistance following the link.

  • One event was held within the framework of the "Self-government" project
  • Organized transfers to 10 prisoners in pre-trial detention centers in different cities of Belarus
  • The news section is now regularly updated on our website. Read about the latest events related to "A Country to Live in" foundation here.

We are very grateful for your support. Only together can we defeat the dictatorship and build a modern and fair state, a real country for life.

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