The results of the work of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (September 20-26)

Let's sum up the work results of "A Country to Live in" foundation for the week (September 20-26).

Material help:
  • Received by 3 volunteers (paid 900 €).

There are 78 families and 1 volunteer in the queue for payment.

We provide material assistance to families of political prisoners, as well as volunteers who continue to fight the regime inside the country and at the same time find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Leave a request for financial assistance to volunteers.
Fill out the form to help the family of a political prisoner.

Visa assistance:
  • 12 people applied and submitted documents, 6 people are awaiting submission.
We assist in obtaining visas, preparing documents, communicating with embassies, entering your full name in the lists for visa support in Poland and Lithuania.

Get help.

Legal assistance:
  • Legal aid was not provided this week due to the lack of appeals.

Such assistance primarily includes advice on acute legal issues in the context of what is happening in Belarus.

Fill out an application using the link.

Read more about our work on the website.

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