Financial report on the work of the Foundation in February 2022

We present the results of our activities for the second month of the year.

Download the full report for February.

February 2022 turned our ideas about life and death upside down. War broke out in Europe in the 21st century. It is terrible that Belarus is acting as an accomplice of the aggressor. Lukashenka provided the infrastructure for the Russian troops. Planes and bombs fly to the territory of Ukraine, including from our country.

Against the backdrop of killings, destruction, and millions of refugees, the Belarusian democratic plan, as expected, fell into the shadows. But the level of repression within our country is not decreasing - thousands of people are still in prison, and for the anti-war poster, police beat and arrest. Therefore, we continue to help political prisoners and members of their families (in February, we paid 300 euros of assistance to 45 such families). We also support political prisoners with the help of the Family Friend solidarity program.

"A Country to Live in" foundation continues, as far as it is possible today, to fight for building a democratic society in Belarus. We have launched a new educational project that will allow you to obtain the necessary knowledge and then put it into practice in practice. This is an information course, Polaris. Leader of civic initiatives.  We have formed a pool of speakers (all professionals in their field, many well-known media personalities) and selected 90 listeners ready to work and implement their projects.
In addition, the team of our Foundation is working to help refugees from Ukraine. We do this both privately and officially. In the first days of the war, we processed more than a thousand applications, provided information support, coordinated the departure both from Ukraine and from the territory of Belarus. We collected humanitarian aid car seats and, with the help of volunteers, transferred everything we needed to the border, from where our guys took the refugees. We helped in resettlement hosted them.

"A Country to Live in" foundation, together with the Belarusians of Rome organization, asked for help from Progetto Sud, an Italian non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our Italian friends gladly responded to the call. On Sunday, March 6, they delivered the first two tons of charitable aid for refugees from Ukraine to Warsaw.

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about our Foundation and the help we provide together to people in Belarus and abroad.
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