Financial report on the work of the Foundation in January 2022

We present the results of our work for the first month of the year.

Download the full January report.

"A Country to Live in" Foundation continues its activities to help political prisoners, develop civil society, and build a real country to live in Belarus, in which the rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected. In addition, we
 are developing initiatives to help Belarusians who suffer from the actions of the criminal regime. 

We returned in January after a two-week absence. The Foundation team needed to rest (almost everyone hasn't been on vacation since 2020). Now we are ready to continue with renewed vigor the work of helping political prisoners and their relatives, evacuating people from the hell of Lukashism, and coordinating forces with other foundations and human rights organizations.

We continue to work on the “Family Friend” solidarity program. A Family friend is a person from any part of the world who wants to help a family of political prisoners. At the same time, he does not have contact with these people, or there are difficulties transferring money from abroad to Belarus. In this case, a Family friend takes care of a family from our list for one of the proposed periods (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) and provides them with financial support through the Foundation. As a result, we already have several successful cases of this project implementation.

We have announced the launch of a new project. This is an information course Polaris. Leader of civic initiatives. Now we are forming a team of speakers (all of them are professionals in their field and many well-known media personalities) and are finishing to make a list of participants. So everyone can listen to the course and present the results of their work, regardless of where they are. Please register for the course HERE; we will accept applications until the complete set.

This is only part of our visible work. The rest is hidden because we do not want to endanger people in Belarus or abroad. The current regime in Belarus dictates its own rules. For us, the safety of people comes first. The opportunity to help them in the future without revealing details that could harm anyone is important.

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about our Foundation and the help we provide to people in Belarus together.
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