18 years to Sergei Tikhanovsky

Today, within the walls of the Gomel pre-trial detention center, a sentence was announced to the blogger, entrepreneur, founder of "A Country to live in" movement Sergei Tikhanovsky. Together with him, politician Nikolai Statkevich, journalist Igor Losik, blogger Vladimir Tsyganovich, and Tikhanovsky's followers from "A Country to live in" Artem Sakov and Dmitry Popov passed through the criminal case.

The investigation was supposed to answer what exactly united these people and what they were guilty of before the state of Lukashenka. For this, there was a long investigation. But, think, for the past one and a half (!) Years people have been deprived of their freedom, of seeing their relatives, and measures of influence have been applied to them that fall under the definition of torture by international law.

As it turned out, the investigators did not reveal any new facts for such a long time. In principle, no facts. According to people in uniform, Tikhanovsky planned to organize mass riots, incite social hostility, obstruct the work of the Central Election Commission, and organize actions that grossly violate public order. The court humbly agreed with all this.

Proof? There is none of them. What is presented would go to the trash can in any independent court, and prosecutors and investigators would most likely be prosecuted against them. Otherwise, such cases cannot be explained by malicious intent. Everything is in the tradition of trials of the 30s. Guesses are passed off as facts, thoughts as actions, the desire for freedom and a change in power is equated with an armed rebellion.

Gentlemen, or rather, comrades judges. It was not Tikhanovsky that you assigned 18 years of strict regime. You and your conscience signed a verdict without the right to appeal. How many years will you get?

Sergei Tikhanovsky - 18 years.
Nikolai Statkevich - 14 years.
Igor Losik - 15 years.
Artem Sakov - 16 years.
Vladimir Tsyganovich - 15 years.
Dmitry Popov - 16 years.
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