Fight with Sergei Tikhanovsky

Trying to tarnish the reputation of Sergey Tikhanovsky, the ONT TV channel released a cut of strange content.

How can one comment from a legal point of view that the meetings of Sergei Tikhanovsky with his lawyer were recorded on camera and broadcast in the mass media, which contradicts Constitution:
  • Article 16 "On the legal profession and advocacy in the Republic of Belarus": It is prohibited to obstruct a lawyer from granting meetings in private with his client in conditions that ensure the confidentiality of such meetings.
  • Article 37 "On the Mass Media": Information, the dissemination of which in the media is limited, includes information: constituting state secrets, commercial or other secrets protected by law (including attorneys).
  • Article 22 of the Constitution: All are equal before the law and have the right, without any discrimination, to equal protection of their rights and legitimate interests.

The ONT film, cobbled together on the knee from scraps of conversations (including confidential ones), once again demonstrated the duplicity of Lukashenko and the state he built. The "legal system" of the Republic of Belarus, which previously allowed some failures, after August 2020 finally switched to the "sometimes not up to the laws" mode.

Judges churn out sentences, KGB officers compose scenarios for low-budget horror films, media, and journalists work as cisterns. At the top of this pyramid of lies are Lukashenko and his entourage. It is up to Belarusians to decide whether it is worth living in such a country or to build a real country for life.

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