Write a letter to Sergey Tikhanovsky

Since May last year, Sergey Tikhanovsky has been imprisoned. The reason is that Lukashenko considered Tikhanovsky a threat to his regime. We are sure that the situation with Sergei's imprisonment and hundreds of other political prisoners will not last long. Justice will prevail on Belarusian soil. In the meantime, let's support Sergey Tikhanovsky and other political prisoners, send them letters.

“At some point, your letters really supported me! They were very much needed, ”Sergey shares with us. And your letters continue to be an important source of emotions, impressions, and news for heroes in isolation.

Sergey asks to send him more photos and postcards with stamps! You can attach up to two photos to the letter. There is not enough news, but not the most important ones (available on zombie-TV), but more local ones. You can send photos of events. He writes short answers. But if you tell about yourself, about the news, ask questions, they will be longer.

Writing tips:

If you write by registered mail - it will come faster and open right in front of Sergei under the signature
Who writes - be sure to put an envelope with a completed return address. Sometimes it isn't easy to read the address or fill it out for a long time if many letters arrive at once
Censorship does not allow calls and curses to pass. News can be restrained. Newspapers are not given in letters

The letter can be sent:
  • By traditional mail
Address: Prison No. 8, Zhodino, st. Sovetskaya 22a, 222163 Tikhanovsky Sergei Leonidovich
  • vkletochku.org is a fast and easy way to send a letter from any country in the world. You are not in Belarus and want to get an answer - indicate the return address of your relatives or friends.

Sending a letter or received a response from Sergey? Please send them to our chatbot.

Sergey does not give up, and you do not give up!

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