107 Telegram channels recognized as extremist

A list of extremist materials has been published on the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus.

We will not delve into what the “judges” were guided by when making decisions on recognizing this or that material as extremist. Still, at the moment, there are more than 100 Telegram, YouTube channels, and chats on the black list. Among them:

NEXTA-live (HEXTA-live)
Mazyr 97%
Drivers 97
Brest: Rumors and facts
Punishers of Belarus
Gomel: us 97%
Bobruisk online
Baranovichi 97%
Orsha 97%
Novopolotsk and Polotsk 97%
Black Book of Belarus
ChKB Mogilev and the region
ChKB Vitebsk and region
ChKB Gomel and region
ChKB Brest and region
ChkB Grodno and region
Chat of incredible Vitebsk
Boulevard of the Unconquered
Fatina Chat
Byalynichy chat
Kazimirauka 97%
Mogilev for life
Volkovysk For Life Chat
YouTube channel and Telegram channel Igor Makar
YouTube channel and Telegram channel NASH DOM TV
Ostrovets For Life
A strike committee Belaruskali
My Zhabinka
Vitebsk 97
Grodno 97%
Gomel Soviet 97
Rechitsa for Life CHAT
Brest 97%
Punisher group chat
Chat of incredibleVitebsk
Mogilev 97%
Bobruisk 97%
Osipovichi for life
Boulevard of the Unconquered
Svetlogorsk for life. Chat
Lida 97%
Korelichi 97%
Lida for life CHAT
Zhodino For Life Chat
Klimovichi CHAT
Zhlobin For Life
Free Zhlobin | Free Zhlobin
Soligorsk 97%
Novogrudok for life (chat)
Gorki for Life Chat
Magileu Spadarozhnik
Masheka CHAT
Postavy for life
Braslau for life
Berezki Jubilee Ulukovye CHAT
Youtube channel Bychkovsky's blog
Revolution of Consciousness
Petrikov 97%
Pozor Slonim Board
Slonim for life
Molodechno for Life Chat
Soligorsk for life chat
HOME (Soligorsk / Slutsk)
Pinsk 97%
Lebiasziy 97%
Lebiasziy 97% chat
Central 97%
Dobrush For Life CHAT
Honest Grodno
Instructions and guide to resisting the dictatorship
Oktyabrskiy Minsk CFL / BNR
Pershy region
People's Self-Defense squads - CSN
Svisloch for life
97% Chausy
Oktyabrsky 97%
Civil Self-Defense Units of Belarus
Soviet 97%
Dyatlovo For Life
Angarskaya for life
Zavodskoy 97
Chizhovka for Life
Ivye for life
Grodno for Life new
Chechersk for life
Hrodna. life
Moskovsky 97%
Minsk 97%

Most recently, the Telegram channel "Country For Life" and the Telegram channel of the Foundation "A Country to Live in" (106 and 107 numbers have a black rating) were included in this list.

According to Art. 19.11 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offenses for the dissemination of information products included in the republican list of extremist materials (link to the list), as well as production, publication, storage (on your device), or transportation for distribution (repost materials via social networks or other messengers, publication on the channel) of such information products, entail the imposition of a fine in the amount of ten to thirty basic units community service, administrative arrest with confiscation of the subject of an administrative offense, as well as instruments and means of committing the specified violation (namely, the device on which these materials were stored) or without confiscation of such weapons and means.

And now some practical advice on how not to get “24 hours” for disseminating important information, which the “junta” considers to be an extremist:
  • Do not repost articles from telegram channels. Instead, copy the text, change it a bit and only then send.
  • Do not download to your phone or computer materials from Telegram, a YouTube channel recognized as extremist.
  • Also, check if you have auto-viewed media saved in your phone's memory
  • Disable autoloading media
  • Clear Telegram cache regularly
  • When sending information to the bot of Telegram channels from the republican list, do not save it on your device.
Articles under the headings were also recognized as extremist:
  • "S. Tikhanovskaya: I believe in negotiations."
  • "Is Tikhanovskaya afraid of Lukashenko, and does she believe in negotiations with him?"

Extremist materials include:
  • Film "Edge 2019 - a film by Pavel Spirin."
  • The film “Lukashenka. Criminal materials "
  • Video file with the name “BELARUS 2019, KADETOVSHCHINA. PART 1"
  • YouTube video titled “Lukashenko.Gold mine"
We highly recommend watching these videos but do not distribute them or save them on your devices.

When there is no time for laws, you can once again violate the Constitution, namely, Article 33, which says that "everyone is guaranteed freedom of opinion, belief and their free expression." And it is also possible to recognize extremists what is unprofitable for the authorities.

If you need legal assistance, please write to us. Remember that solidarity is our effective weapon in the fight against oprichnina and legal arbitrariness.
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