323 political prisoners in Belarus

As of April 7, there are 323 political prisoners in Belarus. Right now, as you read this text, their number could grow. What does this number mean?
  • 323 people are the population of a nine-story five-entrance building in a new micro-district of Minsk
  • 323 people this is one or two battalions of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus (depending on the type of troops)
  • 323 people are 10 MAZ buses with fully occupied seats - just the kind that the mayor of Lviv refused to buy
  • 323 people - this is 1% of people who have gone through torture wagons, isolation wards, and courts since August
  • 323 people are just 46 people more than the total number of judges of the Supreme Court, the City Court of Minsk, and regional courts
  • 323 people are thousands of relatives who are waiting for their loved ones at home
  • 323 people are people who were not afraid to speak out against violence, lies, and lawlessness. And now convicted or still awaiting the most "fair trial" in the world
  • 323 people were thrown into prisons by the efforts of Lukashenko. But the entire Belarusian people are now behind bars.
  • 323 people are not just a number. Our common task is to make it equal to zero.
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