Belarus. Apocalypse Now

Today it became known about the complete cancellation of the anti-epidemiological measures taken on October 14 by the Ministry of Health of Belarus. In particular, fines for not wearing masks and compulsory vaccination of specific categories of the population. This resulted from Tuesday's harassment, which lukashenka gave to the ministers of health and internal affairs.

This is nothing new. For a year and a half, during the first wave of coronavirus, the dictator has already offered Belarusians to be treated with a tractor and vodka. How many people did we lose then? How many do we continue to lose now? The wise man learns from the mistakes of others, the smart one learns from his own, and the fool does not understand anything. A year ago, there were tens of thousands of excess deaths. Moreover, one can judge only by indirect data - official statistics were silent and silent. What will happen at the end of 2021?

However, everything is visible to the naked eye. Go to your clinic, look at the crowds inside and outside, the lines of ambulances in front of hospitals. God forbid to end up in a crowded ward, a corridor, even a dining room (!) where people with a severe form of coronavirus are, doctors are knocked down, there is not enough medical oxygen, and people are dying, although they could have survived.

These are the consequences of the decisions of one person who seized power. Today, with the onset of another wave, the crazy older man rejects all preventive measures and talks about coronavirus curing cancer with a serious face.

But even this is not the worst thing in the Belarusian system. The horror lies in the fact that after Tuesday's harassment, arranged for entirely correct, albeit belated measures of response to the next wave of coronavirus, the humiliated and insulted pinevich with kubrakov wiped themselves off and silently saluted. And then they went to carry out the new criminal orders of the dictator.

This is a verdict not only for the lukashenka system but also for all its cogs. A judgment for spineless creatures who do not dare to object or resign. You are accomplices in a crime against the Belarusian people.

Belarusians, please take care of yourself. Wear masks, keep your distance, if possible, get vaccinated. This will not guarantee protection against coronavirus, but it will ease the course of the disease in most cases. We need to live for Belarus to live.
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