"Belarusian union of workers" announced the beginning of a pre-strike state

On behalf of Sergey Dylevski, the "Belarusian union of workers" announced the beginning of a pre-strike state and put forward ultimatum demands to the junta. If they are not completed as soon as possible, workers will not go to work.

This is the plan of Sergey Dylevsky. We asked him to elaborate on these requirements and assess their feasibility.

- When is the date of the strike planned, and what does the pre-strike movement mean?

- We do not have a specific date for the strike. We cannot appoint day X in advance. However, the pre-strike movement is preparing for a strike. The workers, and indeed the entire Belarusian people, have not changed their demands: new elections and the release of all political prisoners.

We need to prepare for a strike. Last year, I didn’t even know what a strike is and how it works. So people need to be educated, explained to them the rights, and also so that people have time to make supplies.

- Do you know the mood of the workers?

- Of course, people are tired of enduring. By the new year, the degree of dissatisfaction has slightly decreased. But today, the authorities, by their actions, contribute to the strike. Incessant violence, difficult working conditions, low wages, and tightening of screws do not calm people down.

- Have you established contact with the teams of large enterprises?

- Yes, with many large enterprises. Every day new ones are joining us.

- How confident are you in the striking mood of the Belarusians?

- The Belarusians did not turn the page. And everyone understands that the only bloodless way for the people to be heard is a strike.

- Can you answer which enterprises are ready to go on strike?

- For security reasons, I cannot answer this question. However, if I list the list, they will immediately come to these enterprises.

- How many people are ready for this?

- At least 10% are ready to strike, and believe me, this is enough to stop work. If one workshop stops, to which others are tied, the whole enterprise stands.

- Where did you get statistics on people ready to strike?

- I communicate with representatives of enterprises. The whole structure has been built.

- How can people help the "Belarusian Union of workers"?

- Spread information, bring it to people. For our country to free itself from the dictator, you need not go to work.

- In general, how can private enterprises help?

- Private enterprises bring profits to the treasury, no less than state-owned factories. For the most part, private traders know how to strike properly. Well, if the workers of the factories start going on strike, then the private business should support them. Enterprises, transport, the business will start striking - in two weeks. The regime will be drained of blood.

- Apart from distributing leaflets, how can people inside the country help?

- Support each other and be in solidarity

- Why is the pre-strike state announced right now?

- Everyone is tired of enduring. However, if people do not go to marches, this does not mean that they are surrendered.

- There is a "feeling" that the strike will take place only when people have nothing to eat. This is not the case yet. Then why declare a pre-strike movement?

- Our requirements have remained unchanged since August last year. And let the authorities know that we have entered the stage of the pre-strike movement and will not retreat.

- How can the Belarusians who are abroad helping?

- Active help will be needed to order grocery sets for the strikers.

- Now, the degree of repression is very high. How to convince everyone to act in a coordinated and synchronous manner?

- We're working on it. Nothing has calmed down, Belarus is now a smoldering peat bog, and when it flares up, it's a matter of time.

- People think that the strike is again going to the checkpoint, that's why they are afraid.

- No need to go to the checkpoint of factories and enterprises again, be prepared to stay at home!
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