Actions instead of words

Today is International Women's Day.  As of March 8, 2022, there are 159 women political prisoners in Belarus. By tradition, women do not go to work on this day in jails. Instead, a festive menu (for example, vegetables) awaits them in the canteens, administration of jails plans a concert.

Our Foundation offers you a list of things that can brighten up this day for women political prisoners behind bars:

1. Send a letter/card.
In this challenging time, people in freedom do not have enough light, warmth, and positivity.  In conclusion, all this lacks a hundred times more.

2. Send a veiled congratulations on the radio and, in this way, boost the morale of women in detention. How to do this, please read our article.

3. Top up a person's account in the colony.
From these funds, a prisoner can go to the store at the pre-trial detention center/colony 1-2 times a month and buy something that cannot he can`t get in the transfer.

4. Send a parcel.
If there is a limit of 30 kg for transfers per month, you can send up to 50 kilograms by mail. In such parcels, put everything to please a political prisoner: multi-colored stamps, stickers, envelopes, cosmetics, non-perishable food, dried fruits, chocolate, etc.

5. Donate to support the families of political prisoners with children.
Every month, our foundation assists the families of political prisoners with children.
Unfortunately, today it is more and more challenging to do this, but we believe in the strength and solidarity of Belarusians.

Please choose one or more items from our list and support those who need it so much.
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