Autukhovich case

Disabled, pensioner, priest, bailiff, social activist, former Afghan soldier. What unites these people? All of them are defendants in the so-called “Autukhovich Case.” People who enter it often do not even know each other. However, all of them are accused of terrorism.

Mikalai Autukhovich is undoubtedly the most famous of them. He has been to prison twice. In the middle of the 2000s, he served more than two years for tax evasion, then did a five-year sentence for illegal possession of five cartridges for hunting weapons (initially, the charges were more serious). Then, until his arrest in December 2020, Autukhovich went into hiding.

Now he, as well as another person involved, Pavel Sava, is accused of setting fire to the house and car of a policeman in Vaukavysk and blowing up the security officer’s car in Grodno. These two people have specifics. It is still unclear what exactly the other 11 from the list are charged with. But they are prepared for the worst.

Public activist Olga Mayorova writes to her son: “I don’t worry much about the verdict. With my pressure, it doesn’t matter - 3 years or 20. But with the existing tradition of giving a minimum in case of innocence, of course, I suppose 8 years. So there is no point in making any further predictions.

In total, 13 people are involved in this case who have been imprisoned for more than a year. The investigation, if any, is proceeding very slowly. Although in December 2020 lukashenka was very eloquent. “They were carrying tons of weapons through Ukraine. And if our guys (I ordered everyone to immediately present them with state awards) had not been covered, oh, we would have had a New Year. But, unfortunately, the “guys” are probably already working on getting other awards, and people are in prison.

This case and others (for example, “on state terrorism”) raise the question in our society about the acceptable level of opposition to the regime, namely, are Belarusians ready to enter into a violent conflict with lukashenka’s repressive apparatus. According to the version of the special services, they are ready, although no concrete evidence of this has yet been presented to the public.

Considering the fact of previous, unmotivated brutal sentences against Autukhovich in more “grass-eating” times, it is clear that he and the rest of the people from the list of 13 will be sentenced to harsh terms today as well. They have already been called terrorists. The only question is the documenting of this verdict by the court. At the same time, the actual degree of guilt, or the motives by which they were guided in their activities (if any) does not bother the judicial and repressive apparatus at all.

Belarus continues to live in a regime of lawlessness.

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Nikolai Nikolaevich Autukhovich
Pavel Miailovich Sava
Artur Viktorovich Popok
Irina Pavlovna Goryachkina
Sergey Anatolievich Rezanovich
Pavel Sergeevich Rezanovich
Lyubov Alexandrovna Rezanovich
Irina Aleksandrovna Melcher
Anton Ivanovich Melcher
Galina Ivanovna Derbysh
Viktor Adamovich Snegur
Vladimir Tadeushevich Gundar
Olga Vladimirovna Mayorova

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