Digital Solidarity - a platform for supporting change in Belarus

Now, proven funds and collection of initiatives that increase internal pressure on the regime strengthen the guerrilla movement and help the victims are combined on one platform - the Digital Solidarity app.

Our fees are also among them!

The guarantors that the collected funds are used for their intended purpose are the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, NAU, the "Voice" project, and others.


To participate in our collection and regularly support initiatives that bring change closer, install the Digital Solidarity mobile app right now:
  • set up a VPN on your smartphone;
  • download the Digital Solidarity app for Android or iOS; ⠀
  • customize your goal and notifications; ⠀
  • find “A Country to Live in” fund by alphabetical search and choose which other fees to participate in; ⠀
  • make your first donation; ⠀
  • respond to notifications when your help is needed again. And remember that only together will we win!


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