Dmitry Furmanov is in the punishment cell for the second month. Relatives sound the alarm

The parents of Dmitry Furmanov are concerned that after the verdict and transfer to IK No. 3, gp. Vitba never appeared in the detachment.

Dmitry arrived at the colony in August and after serving quarantine was immediately transferred to the punishment cell. It is still there, for what reasons it is unknown.

On October 8, the father of Dmitry Furmanov, Alexander, is sent to the colony. He asks for support and publicity. It will get there from Grodno by public transport. Expects to get to g.p. Vitba in the morning. He will be very grateful if they can meet him and give him a ride to the colony, as well as provide moral support there.

Dmitry Furmanov is a member of the initiative group for the nomination of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya for the presidency. Detained during an election picket in Grodno on May 29, 2020 while collecting signatures.

If you can help Dmitry's father with transport - write to us in the chatbot for contacts. Also, everyone can come and support the man personally.
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