"A Country to Live in" Foundation Appeals to UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture

"A Country to Live in" Foundation has created a petition urgently appealing to the UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture. Following the rigged presidential elections in August 2020 and the peaceful protests that followed, Belarusian society faced a wave of violence from its repressive machine.

From August 9, 2020, the Republic of Belarus began to live in a non-legal field. After the announcement of the results of the presidential elections and the start of peaceful protests, the widespread use of torture began in our country. It does not stop until now.

Tens of thousands of people went through prisons and isolation wards - hundreds remain there to this day, where they are subjected to inhuman treatment by representatives of the security forces.
We ask to enter into communication with the Republic of Belarus's government regarding the organization of a visit to the country and monitoring of the situation in places of detention. We understand very well that the Belarusian side can prevent UN representatives from visiting Belarus.

However, we are obliged to draw the international community's attention to the problem of torture in Belarus to prevent the regime's abuse of the most vulnerable people now - prisoners. Let us remind you that some people in prisons are on hunger strike, including a dry hunger strike. There are cases when political prisoners cut their veins.

We ask for your help! Share this information on social networks, send it to officials, let them know that we see everything and they will not be able to hide their black deeds behind steel doors. Sooner or later, they will face a fair trial.

If you are a member of any organization, we ask you to sign this appeal on the campaign's letterhead. For this contact us.

And remember, only together can we build a Country to Live in!

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