Claims in the "Pinsk case"

We are informed that final claims have been brought up in "the Pinsk case" and seized the property.

“Hello, something absurd is going on! Children who have not managed to earn anything are trying to take away just everything, starting from their freedom! Executive bailiffs visit their mothers every day, wondering how to describe what.

Alexander Tereshko confiscated a savings account in the amount of a little more than 10,000 rubles, from Gunko Grigory the same, in the amount of also a little more than 10,000, Igor Solovy's laptop and telephone were taken away for auction, Roman Bagnovets was arrested for 1/2 of a two-room apartment and a land plot.

Our children were not only deprived of the right to vote, deprived of their health, but they also stole the years to which they were condemned by the "state" and are squeezed out of their juices. It's unbearable!!!"

The degradation of the state under lukashenka continues. The regime seems to be repeating the 1930s in the USSR, when "enemies of the people" were deprived of life, freedom, property.

Belarusians, everything depends only on us. Each of us.
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