Maria Moroz: “A good foundation is a foundation that seeks to close”

The World Congress of Belarusians is taking place today.

At 8 am Minsk time, a panel discussion "I can help you (Belarus)" was held in which the head of "A Country to Live in" fund Maria Moroz took part. She answered questions and talked about the work of the Foundation. If you watch the broadcast on the "Belarusians Abroad" YouTube channel, you will find out:
  • How exactly Maria Moroz ended up in "A Country to Live in" movement
  • Results of the first year of the Foundation's work
  • About the programs to support political prisoners, which are now organized by the Foundation
  • New directions in the work of the Fund
  • Difficulties faced by the Foundation in its activities and how every caring Belarus can help political prisoners

Maria Moroz: "A good foundation seeks to close. It is a foundation that takes a problem and solves it to the point where it gets solved. Our task is for all political prisoners to be released, and we have no one to help. We can solve this problem altogether - people inside Belarus, the diaspora, and everybody."

The full interview version and a live broadcast of the forum are available on the "Belarusians Abroad" YouTube channel. Every hour something exciting and unusual awaits you. So hurry to see, discuss, participate.

The World Congress of Belarusians will last all day and end with a Naviband group concert.
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