Escalation of the crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland

On Monday, November 8, a large group of migrants gathered at the Bruzgi-Kuznitsa checkpoint.

In an organized column under the supervision of lukashenka's security officials, they simply followed the road to the Polish border, and then made several attempts to illegally enter the EU - they cut the fence wire, threw stones at the border guards. The situation remains tense right now.

People's elected leader of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya made a statement on what is happening. Her words are quoted by The Washington Post:

“The Belarusian regime has committed an unprecedented international provocation, throwing hundreds of people who have entrusted their fate to it on the border with Poland. Lukashenko bears full personal responsibility for these attacks on Poland, Lithuania, and the EU. ... This is an attempt to take revenge on democratic countries for their support of the Belarusian people".

Lukashenka has once again proved that from an intra-Belarusian problem he has become a regional, all-European problem. Coordinated actions of the EU countries can help to resolve the crisis situation that has developed in our country since last year.
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