The "Voice" platform is relaunched for the "referendum"

On February 27, a so-called "referendum" may take place - an event at which Belarusians will be offered a choice between Lukashenka and Lukashenka. They want to hold it at a time when there is no law in Belarus, and people are openly denied their natural rights to life, dignity, freedom of opinion, and justice.

But even in these conditions, we can show that the country belongs to the Belarusians. Come to the polling stations and put crosses in front of all the answer options, making the ballot invalid.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: “Referendum” is illegitimate. It is in the interests and plans of only one person in the country. Therefore, it is time for society to intervene in these plans, whose opinion, as always, was not taken into account. "

73% of the polled Belarusians are already planning to support the united strategy of democratic forces for a “referendum,” Today, we are launching the “Voice” platform to record your actions.

When the state equates civil control with extremism, we have the right to assume the function of counting votes. The platform will consider your voice in any case: if you follow a single strategy, if you stay at home, and even if you vote for one of the options.

Now you can take a survey and answer whether you support the common strategy of the democratic forces, whether you think it would be more correct to ignore the "referendum," or you have not decided yet. But we remind you that even if you do not come to the site, your bulletin will go for you. Therefore, if you are leaning towards a boycott, your boycott must be active and visible.

Take a survey using the links in Telegram and Viber. If the bot does not launch the referendum poll, enter the command/referendum. And visit the website of the United Democratic Force Strategy.
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