We congratulate all women of Belarus on International Women's Day!

International Women's Day is celebrated in the world on March 8. In Belarus, this holiday has undergone a significant transformation - from demonstrations for their rights a hundred years ago to obligatory flowers in Soviet families and work collectives. What are we celebrating today?

Today in Belarus, 8 March is a holiday for a modern woman.

Now it is no longer only a mother or a housewife, as in previous centuries. Today, a modern woman is:
  • Doctor, rescuer, politician, military.
  • Legislator and human rights activist.
  • Intelligence and justice and fortitude.
  • A modern woman today is worthy of respect and admiration.

Thanks to every woman who has fought and is fighting for our rights, for freedoms, for justice in this world. Thanks to every Belarusian who patched holes from rubber bullets, treated and got our people from COVID from the other world. Thanks to every woman, girl, mother, grandmother for being here, for calling yourself Belarusian!

State terrorists are not ready to believe that Belarusians see a woman as their president.
They are so afraid of the expression of the will of Belarusians that they brought down their entire repressive apparatus on them, under the blow of which they fell:
  • 38 political prisoners
  • Hundreds of women in criminal cases
  • Thousands of maimed and maimed
  • Tens of thousands of dismissed and detained

They all have to celebrate the day of women's solidarity in need - someone - behind bars.

We can counter the occupation's aggression with our support and solidarity. Talk about the Belarusians who suffered from the genocide. Make public the facts of the mockery of them within the walls of Okrestin Street or Zhodino.

Write kind words to the prisoners or support our gathering to help the families of prisoners of conscience.
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