Vitold Ashurok died

Political prisoner Vitold Ashurok, an activist of the BNF party from Berezovka, Lida district, died of cardiac arrest in the Shklov penal colony. "A Country to Live in" foundation`s team expresses its condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased Belarusian.

Vitold was a nationally oriented Belarusian. He saw the country's future in the revival of the native language and return to historical roots. He will be remembered as one of those who restored the memorial to the Kalinowski rebels in the Lida district. He was an environmental activist - he opposed the pollution of the Berezovka and the Ditva and Neman rivers by producing glass wool.

Vitold Ashurok was arrested twice. For the second time, in September, he was charged under Articles 342, Parts 1 and 364 of the Criminal Code. In January, Judge Maxim Filatov sentenced him to five years in a maximum-security prison.

Vitold Ashurok has been the 12th victim of the Lukashenko regime since August 2020. His death on the conscience of the head of IC №17, the prosecutor's office and the judge of the Lida district, corrupt journalists, and false witnesses in balaclavas. All those who have become terrible symbols of 2020 and 2021.

Right now, state terror continues in Belarus. In a country without independent courts, without a free press, anyone can become a victim in a country of lawlessness and lies. Remember this when you walk with your family in the park, stand in line at the store, sit with friends at the bar. This is life under occupation.

All those involved in the death of Vitold Ashurok and the deaths of other Belarusians will be on the dock. But for this, we all need to get out of hibernation and start acting.
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