Pressure on political prisoners continues in Belarus

From  "A Country to Live in" foundation`s mail.

“Now I learned from a postal employee that some political prisoners have stopped receiving parcels and letters. Instead, an order with the addresses, full names, and photos of these political prisoners has come to the post office. When receiving letters or parcels for a person from this list, they (postal workers) inform about their number, an employee comes, takes everything away, nothing reaches the political prisoner."

"On a date, I learned that TV is now banned in the pre-trial detention center, there are no newspapers, and there are no letters either. So jailers left political prisoners in an information vacuum!"

Friends, despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, we must remember those Belarusian HEROES who are now behind bars. Imagine how hard it is for a person there, to whom the jailers are trying to create the feeling that he is forgotten and abandoned. Deprivation of parcels, letters, appointments is only a tiny part of what is happening.

We ask you to break through the wall of alienation by any means available to you! And be sure to share your experience with us: do you receive letters from political prisoners, do they receive packages, etc. Write your stories in our chatbot.
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