The verdict was passed in the case of Olga Zolotar

4 years in prison for a civil position.

Olga Zolotar, a mother of five children from the village of Zhdanovichi, was detained on March 18. According to Olga, she was physically abused and demanded to unblock her phone. At the same time, the medical expert, who was summoned by the lawyer to testify to the beatings, could not interrogate Zolotar.

At the trial, the most cynical statement was made at all. The Investigative Committee found that "Zolotar's statements about bodily harm to her do not correspond to reality, since they took place before her arrest."

Olga Zolotar was accused of creating an extremist formation, organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order, aiding them. She categorically denied the accusations.

"I am here because I am a caring person. I am here because I live by God's covenant. I am here because I am a mother who wants to protect her children. As a mother and a Catholic, I stand on human dignity and spiritual values. Therefore, all my actions and statements are prepared with love for people and hatred for lies and violence ...

In the case file, my efforts are given a meaning that I did not mean. Ordinary human actions, reactions, and feelings are criminalized. There is a photo of the poster in the case file, which reads, "Peace. Love. Freedom. And I subscribe to every word. I want Peace for my homeland."

Prosecutor Zhanna Baranova requested five years in prison for Olga Zolotar. Judge Anastasia Popko sentenced Olga to four. The rapid degradation of the judicial system in Belarus continues. Will its representatives ever be able to cleanse themselves of these shameful decisions, and most importantly, how will they look people in the eye?

Zhanna Baranova and Anastasia Popko, you will live longer than your elderly patron. Can it be that mythical blessings, and just an extra bowl of stew for the capo in lukashenka concentration camp, can compensate for a person's moral decline and degradation? You have to believe that Belarusians will have enough strength to forgive you and others like you.

We ask you to support all political prisoners with letters. Address for correspondence with Olga Zolotar: 220050, Volodarskogo Street 2, Minsk, Belarus.
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