Vladimir Neronsky got married in the IC

We learned about an official marriage registration between political prisoner Vladimir Neronsky and his common-law wife, Marina.

The ceremony took place within the walls of IK-15 in Mogilev, where the author of the youtube channel “Slutsk to LIve in.” Recall that Vladimir and Marina have a small child. Four children (two sons and two daughters) are waiting for the father to be released.

Earlier, we have already told the story of Vladimir Neronsky, who was sentenced to three years in prison. In the IC, he is subjected to pressure. However, faith in God helps him to cope with the many trials and pressures in the colony. After his release from prison, he expects to marry Marina in the church.

Friends, we ask you to support Vladimir Neronsky with letters. Even the most courageous person has a tough time in the prisons and isolation wards of modern Belarus. Everything is aimed at breaking the will of a person, subjecting him to torture and humiliation. In such a situation, our solidarity - including support through letters, is a very important form of psychological assistance. Moreover, it will remind the prisoner that he is not alone. In addition to relatives, millions of Belarusians are waiting for him.

Address for correspondence:

Mogilev, 213105, Mogilev, p / o Veino, Slavgorodskoe highway, 183

Neronsky Vladimir Nikolaevich.
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