"Together to freedom and light, together against the darkness."

"A Country to Live in" foundation supports the "Color Against Darkness" campaign by Pavel Latushko and NAU.

"Color against darkness" is a safe way to unite and show most supporters of change in Belarus. Remember that we are also striving for a new, better Belarus and are still fighting for our votes.

Putting on white clothes, a bracelet, or a hat, we are transported to a time when hundreds of thousands of people walked the streets of Belarusian cities, when we "congratulated" lukashenkо on his birthday presented him with a ticket to The Hague, when we mourned the fallen heroes and arranged vigils at the Taraikovsky memorial when we stood shoulder to shoulder and were together.

Darkness wants to divide us today, but it won't last forever. Let's speed up her departure. White is the color of freedom, light, and sun. He will chase away the darkness.

We are many, we are the majority, and it is time for us to return our home.

You can support political prisoners HERE.
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