World Congress of Belarusians. Several hours before the start

The World Congress of Belarusians will start on October 30 at 00:00 Minsk time.

The goal of its participants and organizers is to talk for 24 hours about Belarus, its problems, a common way of solving them, ways of help and support. The most important thing today is the unification of Belarusians from all over the world, representatives of different countries and continents, so that each of us, wherever he is, could find a convenient time to participate in the Congress.

Among the speakers is Maria Moroz, head of "A Country to Live in" Foundation. She will tell about the results of the first year of our organization's work, its difficulties and successes. If you are interested, you are welcome to join the live broadcast on the YouTube channel "Belarusians Abroad." Maria Moroz's speech will begin at 8 am Minsk time in the framework of the panel discussion "I can help you (Belarus)." It will be interesting to learn about the new format of assistance that our Foundation will develop.

Probably all Belarusians today are convinced of the importance of unification. Only together can we develop an effective strategy to achieve a common goal. The World Congress of Belarusians serves this common goal.

More information about the Congress on the website

The live broadcast is available on the "Belarusians Abroad" YouTube channel. Every hour something exciting and unusual awaits you. So hurry to see, discuss, participate.
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