People were detained because they are Foundation volunteers

A wave of repressions continues throughout Belarus, and it did not pass by our volunteers either. People who every day spent their time helping those who are already languishing in dungeons.

The volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation did nothing illegal. They just accepted food from caring Belarusians and formed programs for political prisoners. Last month alone, our brave volunteers donated 2.8 tons of food for 113 political prisoners.

We are writing this post with tears, pain, and even admiration for the courage of these people. Each of our volunteers knew that he could find himself on the other side of the walls of the pre-trial detention center, sit next to those to whom today he was carrying food, things, vitamins. Yet, and despite this, he walked and carried the parcel.

Volunteers are heroes, brave heroes who go all the way. After all, they know that if he is detained, another will take his place. Therefore, our solidarity cannot be stopped!

Now we are in great pain, but we are not giving up and will continue the work of those who started it.

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