September 1st is coming soon. Help to get the children of political prisoners to school!

There are less than two days left for the collection of the children of political prisoners to school.

Friends, thanks to you, more than 140 families have already become owners of their school kits! Our Foundation receives good feedback from parents whose children received help for the new school year every hour. Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent and helps the families of the heroes of Belarus. You are doing an essential job!

There is less and less time until September 1, but we still have several outstanding applications. These are not just numbers in the statement; these are children who are waiting and hoping. Please do not pass by, help collect them for school. Present a small but necessary holiday when there are so few reasons for joy because the dad or mom of these guys is behind bars.

On our website, you can find three sets of stationery for young Belarusians:
  • "First grader Set"
  • "Set for younger students"
  • "Set for high school"

You can purchase one or several sets and thereby support the children of political prisoners.

Let's be in solidarity!
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