The volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation are in captivity of the dictator

Anton Stashevsky, Yulia Syrykh, Tatyana Ostrovskaya are volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation who have been held hostage by the regime since July 9.

They were imprisoned 146 days ago. For what reason? For the fact that they showed solidarity towards other Belarusians - they collected and delivered parcels to political prisoners. Yet, in a country for life, which lukashenka built for himself and his servants, they are imprisoned for less, and caring for a neighbor is equated to a dangerous crime.

From Monday on, the main page of our site has started a counter that counts the time spent by our friends in captivity. For 146 days, they have not seen the clear sky, have not walked the streets of Minsk, have not hugged children and parents. Are 146 days a lot or a little?

We have heard more than once that time seems to slow down in the inhuman conditions of Belarusian prisons and isolation wards, where people are subjected to torture and ill-treatment. Minutes stretch into hours, and those stretch into days. If all political prisoners live according to such a terrible calendar, they have already spent years and decades in captivity.

We do not know for sure how fast time passes for lukashenka, his prosecutors, and judges, punishers in uniform, ideologists, and propagandists. Perhaps they are painfully experiencing every moment of their still free life and are preparing to escape under all understandable circumstances, or maybe they enjoy the benefits that the status of guards in a concentration camp gives them. Be that as it may, the reckoning is inevitable. These people will be justly punished for their crimes against Belarusians.

More than a thousand Belarusians have been recognized as political prisoners by the dissidentby initiative. Among them are the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation, who devoted all their free time to helping the unjustly detained and convicted for a whole year. How can you help them yourself now?
  • write a letter with words of support, or just offer to start a conversation
  • say hello on the radio
  • top up the personal account of a political prisoner so that he can buy something in the prison store

Friends, please help political prisoners and their families. At least a kind word. We must all remember that any, even the most terrible evil, will not last forever. The walls will come down, and we will all be free. Let political prisoners wait for her without losing hope and faith in people. 

Correspondence address: 220050, Volodarskogo street 2, Minsk, Belarus.
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