2.8 tons of food products handed over to 113 political prisoners in May

" A Сountry to Live in" foundation aims to help political prisoners and their families.

Fund volunteers handed over 2.8 tons of food products to 113 political prisoners in May. We continue to provide assistance with transmissions to those who need it so badly. And every month our activity is expanding. In April, we carried parcels to 77 political prisoners, in May already 113.

We are grateful to you and ask you to continue to support political prisoners:
  • spread this information to chats
  • collect the parcel to the political prisoner online
  • buy products and contact our volunteer.

What can you buy:
  • cigarettes NZ-10, Winston
  • chocolate (milk, dark, bitter)
  • envelopes (regular and class 1)
  • ground coffee
  • large leaf tea
  • nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews)
  • pens, colored pencils

Thanks to all caring people for their help!
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How do you want to help:
50 75 100 250 500
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