3 ways to support our volunteers and all political prisoners

3 ways to support our volunteers and all political prisoners.

1. Write a letter/postcard, or send a telegram

We keep repeating because it is really important to do it. You need to share your support and warmth with those under the repressive apparatus's direct blow.

2. Put money to the personal account of a political prisoner

The inmates need funds in their accounts to make purchases in the prison store. Unfortunately, not all goods are accepted in the programs, so buying the necessary thing yourself in the store at the pre-trial detention center is the only way out. Anyone can replenish the account, both via mail and without leaving home.

3. Send a Christmas parcel or parcel post

Political prisoners who are just awaiting trial, or their verdict has not yet entered into force, have the right to receive packages and parcels in unlimited quantities and from any person.

Address for your support:

Tatyana Sergeevna Ostrovskaya, Anton Alexandrovich Stashevsky, Yulia Eduardovna Syrykh

SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2.
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