63 families with children need help, 9 of them need it immediately!

Friends, we are opening the July gathering for the families of political prisoners.

The required fee is 18,900 euros.

The goal is to help 63 families with children whose relatives have come under the direct blow of repression. We take care of families we have been helping every month (for more than half a year now). Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult to do this because the repression does not stop, and the number of those in need is only increasing. In addition, "A Country to Live in" foundation and our volunteers themselves were directly hit by the lukashenka regime:
  • attack on our advertising accounts and blocking fundraising (now we can help financially only thanks to your reposts)
  • detention of Foundation volunteers who formed products for the programs (now you can only collect the transfer online)
  • recognition of our channel as extremist (now you need to be careful with reposts, but you can copy our text and distribute in chats on your own behalf).

Friends, despite all this, we can handle it! These are just temporary difficulties. It is in our power to overcome them. All together!

During the black strip, the main thing is not to leave political prisoners with children without the help of a family.

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