Advent Calendar from "Free postcards"

The Advent Calendar is a colorful calendar that counts down the time until Christmas. As a rule, it is presented in the form of a house or a box with windows, in which there can be prayers, sweets, leaflets with various tasks for daily execution.

The Advent calendar from "Free postcards" is slightly different from the usual one. It offers you actions to demonstrate solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus. The calendar is presented in three languages ​​- Belarusian, English, and Russian. The tasks are simple and do not require much effort, but completing them guarantees a good mood, and most importantly, will help support people in prison.

The very first thing is to print the calendar or download it to your phone. And also send a letter or a postcard, help pay for a New Year's present for the children of political prisoners, prepare a dish according to the recipe of one of the prisoners, and much more.

You can download the link to the calendar here. Every day, the guys from "Free postcards" will post tasks in stories and save them in the up-to-date Advent Calendar. Complete missions, publish them on your social networks with hashtags #adventpashtouki, #вольныяпаштоўкі. If you will complete 18 or more tasks and send pictures to "Free postcards," a pleasant surprise awaits you - a T-shirt or a shopper with drawings of a political prisoner!

Friends, if you didn't know exactly where to start supporting the heroes of the new Belarus, then the Advent Calendar is perfect for you. Let's be together!
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