For Belarusians abroad

The Belarusian people continue to fight for freedom and independence. It is in your power to help with this.

Once you left your homeland. It was hard for you to breathe in Belarus 10-15-20 years ago. You did not see any prospects for yourself and your children under the sole rule of the evil and soulless "dad." Now you look with hope at the changes taking place in Belarus. If our country has remained the last "dictatorship of Europe," now its people do not put up with it. If you can, help in this fight.

Political prisoners have found themselves under the strongest pressure of the Lukashenko regime. These people are heroes who were not afraid to declare infringement of rights openly and ended up in prisons for their position. Helping them is the most important duty of all Belarusians.

We offer our support options:
  • Financial assistance to the families of political prisoners. It is essential in difficult times to show solidarity with the relatives and friends of people who have suffered for their views and unjustly ended up in prisons
  • Collection and transfer of products for political prisoners. Favorite food can seriously support a person in difficult conditions of the jail
  • Write a letter to political prisoners. Any news from the outside world is a breath of fresh air for people in prisons. A reminder that they are not forgotten, that they are remembered and awaited, while others continue to fight for freedom

Information support is also significant. We tell the stories of people who suffered from the Lukashenko regime. It is in your power to help us with this. Translate these stories into the languages ​​of your countries of residence, place them in the media.

Whenever possible, influence the governments and public opinion of your states so that they react extremely harshly to the lawlessness happening in Belarus, restrict the Lukashenko regime, deprive it of funding and the remnants of legitimacy at the global level.

Your support to political prisoners and their families is needed now. Your experience, knowledge, competencies in any sphere of life will demand the new Belarus.

Together we will build a legal, free, European state - a real country to live in.

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