Belarusians are not aggressors

Representatives of several Belarusian organizations, including "A Country to Live in" foundation, met in Poland with the Commissioner for Human Rights of the German government, Louise Amtsberg.

The conversation was about the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia and the humanitarian crisis that followed. But unfortunately, due to the criminal policy of Lukashenka, Belarus has also become an aggressor country. As a result, in some European countries, the attitude towards our fellow citizens has changed in a negative direction.  Today, many of them face prejudice and discrimination.

The head of "A Country to Live in" foundation Maria Moroz urged not to equate the illegitimate regime of Lukashenka and the people of Belarus and also to remember that people in our country have been fighting for freedom and independence for many years. As early as February 23, 2022, almost the whole world was in solidarity with the Belarusians, but already on February 24, the attitude changed. It should not be.

Representatives of civil initiatives asked Louise Amtsberg to appeal to German politicians for help to Belarusians.  These can be practical steps to simplify the visa regime for citizens of our country and educational work through the media among voters. It is important to remember that most of our fellow citizens do not support the Lukashenka regime and the war in Ukraine.

Belarusian public initiatives and individuals in the EU countries help Ukraine and Ukrainians - they go to the border, pick up refugees, provide logistical assistance, allocate housing, donate money, and things. Belarusians are not aggressors in this war, unlike the dictator Lukashenka.

At the same time, many of us have suffered and continue to suffer because of our position within Belarus. Thus, our country's number of political prisoners is more than a thousand people. For example, the authorities had arrested hundreds of people on February 27 at anti-war rallies. In places of detention and temporary detention, torture and abuse do not stop.

So, they don't accept parcels for prisoners. They threw sixteen in cells designed for four people. Jailers beat people arrested for political reasons, don't give them bed linen, pillows, mattresses. Police Day, March 4, the jailers "celebrated" by punching people in the shower at night.

Belarus is going through the black pages of its history. Still, ordinary Belarusians do not give up and do everything possible to return our people to the European family, to restore its good name.
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