Belarusian Santa Clauses to children: "Do not be afraid to dream!"

We continue our campaign "Santa Claus Mail." Magic elves have already delivered the first gifts from Santa Clauses to little Belarusians whose parents are in captivity. However, dozens of holiday packages are still waiting in line. Well, the magical Santa Clauses, who presented the holiday to the children of political prisoners, turned to them with wishes.

I wish you happiness and friends, and kindness! May your dreams come true like in a fairy tale on New Year! Be happy you little, good person!

Don't be afraid to dream!
You can do absolutely everything!
Everything will certainly be fine!
Happy New Year!

Hello child. I don’t know you, you don’t know me either. But I'm sure you are a good child, boy or girl. Happy New Year to you! Grow big, big, obey your family, and never be sad — many hugs.

Santa Claus cannot fulfill your main desire: to return parents home. But he can at least slightly warm a child's heart, give a smile and brighten up loneliness for a while with his gift.

Dear friend. Happy new year to you. I wish all your dreams to come true. Belarusians love you and your parents very much. Know that everything will be fine in your life. Soon you will feel what real happiness is.

Friends, we urge you to remember the heroes of Belarus who are in prisons today. Our solidary support, kindness and compassion are capable, at least a little, making it easier for them to live in prison and their relatives at large. Remember that a dictator seeks to get us indifferent. We will not allow this.
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