Is it safe to donate money to "A Country to Live in" foundation?

Friends, we regularly announce fundraising to help political prisoners and their families. And this is understandable - the repressions are growing, the guardsmen of the system cannot just pick up and stop. They continue to pedal this terrible machine so as not to fall by themselves. This means that more and more Belarusians are being thrown into prisons.

Our Foundation strives to help those who have fallen into the millstones of the system. And this can only be done in solidarity, with your help.

But how safe is it to help political prisoners?

"A Country to Live in" foundation is registered in Lithuania. Therefore it is accountable exclusively to the fiscal authorities of this country and its donors. We publish weekly summaries of our seven-day activities and provide detailed information on financial expenditures and receipts monthly. Accordingly, our donors' names do not become public knowledge, let alone the tax, investigative, or other authorities of lukashenka.

You can donate funds on our site through either of two payment systems - PayPal or Stripe. Although the payers' names must be encrypted in them, the Lukashenka's system cannot track to which account the payment is being made.

As for PayPal and Stripe, they are international payment systems with high degrees of security, which are used by many private and public companies in almost all countries of the world.

It is safe to help political prisoners with the help of "A Country to Live in" foundation and through our website.

The simplest thing that every person who is not indifferent to the Belarusian people's fate can do is donate to help political prisoners. You can make a one-time donation or subscribe to help regularly, depositing the amount of your choice every month.

It's easy to be in solidarity.
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