Thanks to all people of goodwill

Friends, we often talk about solidarity, mutual assistance, how important it is to support each other - especially today, especially in Belarus. All these simple things we were taught in childhood and the importance of which we understand anew now. Our Foundation expresses its deep gratitude to those who not only know but also do!

We say thanks to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's office, "Golos" platform, Dissidentby and initiatives, "Belsat" TV channel, Radio "Liberty," "Malanka Media," "A Country to Live in" YouTube channel, "Volniya pashtouki," all people of goodwill. Thanks to everyone who spoke about our Mother's Day campaign on their platforms, made a repost, supported financially, and did not remain indifferent.

In October, we traveled to many cities of Belarus - from the capital to the smallest regional centers. We presented 220 bouquets to mothers of political prisoners. Unfortunately, for the sake of safety, our Foundation cannot share photos of happy faces or convey people's genuine emotions, their joy. Still, you should know that we, all together, have done an excellent and essential deed.

On these cold October days, in occupied Belarus, which is suffocating under the boot of a dictator and from the coronavirus, the mothers of political prisoners became happy for a while. They were momentarily brought back to a world where loving hearts are at home from the world of regular broadcasts and lawyers. This will not be forgotten.

Thanks, friends!
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