Pressure on political prisoners by depriving them of their correspondence. Why is it important to keep writing

From the mail of "A Country to Live in" foundation.

"Hello. Important information for you. All political prisoners are no longer given letters from strangers! For a political prisoner to receive a letter from someone other than a relative, he must write a statement and indicate a list of surnames, letters he asks to give him.

It is also important that all letters from the pre-trial detention center, during the stage, remain in the pre-trial detention center. The guys come to the colony, and until they write to them, they cannot write to anyone if they do not remember the addresses. This definitely applies to those already convicted. At the investigation stage so far, practice shows that letters arrive, although also with great interruptions."

What does it mean?
  • Letters for political prisoners are vital. Otherwise, they would not have been fought like this
  • It's important to keep writing and supporting. Remember that in addition to letters, you can send postcards, telegrams, send greetings by radio
  • If a political prisoner has changed his address, write to him and do not forget to put an envelope with a return address for a reply

And the most important thing.

Letters to political prisoners are not only a story about solidarity and psychological assistance to people who were unjustly behind bars. This is also a story about humanity. The good that is inside each of us.

These letters help not only political prisoners but also ourselves to maintain the flame of good. And faith, and love, and hope. Faith that we will definitely win. Love - to all Belarusians who care and hurt. Hopes that the sacrifices that political prisoners and all of us make every single day are not in vain.

Please continue to write letters to prisoners in prisons. It really matters to everyone.
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