Children of political prisoners need help right now

Friends, for a year now, we have been carrying out daily work to help political prisoners. We collect and send gifts for the holidays for their families and children, provide material support, collect them for a stage. We do all these thanks to you, from the heart to heart.

Time goes by. Unfortunately, Belarusians are getting used to living in a state of constant stress; even the worst stories are no longer touched. It is increasingly difficult to endure what is happening today in our country with you - the tears of children and mothers, monstrous sentences to prisoners and torture in places of detention, the terrible cynicism of the regime, and the impunity of the true criminals. I want to close my eyes and forget. But, if we turn away and mope, these stories will remain our reality with you.

Today, the main goal of " A Country to Live in" foundation has not changed. We continue to encourage caring people to take part in the fate of every child of a political prisoner, help little Belarusians cope with difficult trials, and overcome separation from loving parents. We do what we can. We continue to hold on to hope and fight for those who find it particularly difficult right now.

We try to promote a positive plan (in the end, good always wins) and strive to awaken people to participate in our charitable projects. We know for sure that together we can help! Join us. 80 families with over 100 children are waiting for our help and support! Especially today - on the eve of the main winter holidays - Christmas and New Year.

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