Donations during the war

Friends, in connection with recent events, you often ask us how to donate and support the families of political prisoners now.

Collected the most important:
  • When donating to PayPal or Stripe, the payment goes to these platforms. That is, the recipient is not our Foundation. Furthermore, PayPal and Stripe act as intermediaries, and the final recipient cannot be traced, which makes such a payment safe for Belarusians, especially within the country.
  • In Belarus, three banks are disconnected from the SWIFT system, but some payments still go through, as we know from practice. So you need to try and with a negative result - use the cards of another bank, ideally an international one.
  • Using direct details on the site, it is safe to donate only from abroad. If you are in Belarus - use PayPal, Stripe, or cryptocurrency.
  • Yes, the cryptocurrency is working, and we are adding new options to give you more choice.
  • Donations from Russian cards are currently unavailable, and it is unlikely that anything will change soon.

You can donate to political prisoners here.
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