Ekaterina Snytina is a Family friend

We continue to talk about how the Family friend solidarity program works. A person or organization from any part of the world can help the relatives of a political prisoner take them under guardianship for a period of several months to a year.

Today, ex-captain of the Belarus national basketball team Ekaterina Snytsina has become a Family friend of the political prisoner's family. She took under her guardianship the family of a political prisoner sentenced to a long term of imprisonment. For three months, mother and child will receive a total payment of 600 euros.

“I became a friend of the family because it is essential to help everyone who suffers from the actions of the regime. We, as a society, should take care of those who need it.

I got a list from which I had to choose the person I would help. So I looked through their profiles on politzek.me and, reading stories and looking at photos, I just listened to what resonated with me inside. I think this is important, you should want to help.

This project is an excellent opportunity to help the families of political prisoners. I participate in almost all projects to help people or foundations that I post on my social networks. I also want to remind you that helping families or donating is important. But I ask every Belarusian inside and outside the country to be kinder and more tolerant to each other, not to pass by if someone needs help because sometimes people need a kind word or a hug.”

Friends, we urge you to help political prisoners both within the framework of our solidarity program and in any way available to you. Such help, rendered in difficult times, is not forgotten.
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