"A Festival of the Awakened"

On August 6-7, in the Borik glade, not far from the village of Gorodok, Bialystok powiat in Poland, near the border with Belarus, "A Festival of the Awakened" will take place.

It is the direct heir to the legendary "Basovishcha," an annual musical festival that once made the Belarusians of Podlasie proud of their national identity.

"Basovishcha" has gained fame in Belarus as well - for almost 30 years, rock bands have performed on it, which faced persecution or ban on the part of the lukashenka regime in their homeland.

The format of the new festival is different. It is dedicated to the anniversary of the nation's awakening from its lethargic sleep and the beginning of the Belarusian social revolution. According to the organizers from the Belarusians of Podlasie “Tutaka,” “A Festival of the Awakened” is not only musical. It will present Belarusian culture and art in all its diversity.

We offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of freedom, meet friends and like-minded people, listen to and sing wonderful songs and remember the year passed since the awakening of Belarusians worldwide.

Yes, many heroes of our country are now behind bars and repression and chaos reign in Belarus itself. But still, it is impossible to suppress the will of people for freedom and justice. Belarusians worldwide realized themselves as a nation, and the white-red-white flag returned as our symbol.

Anyone can visit the festival. A tent camp will be set up in the clearing near the stage, making sure you also have a tent (you can rent it in Bialystok, 30 kilometers from the venue). The organizers are preparing many activities for children, including toddlers.

Also, bring with you:
  • Insect spray + sunscreen optional
  • First aid kit (you may need medicines and pain relievers, bandages, antiseptics)
  • Sun cap, goggles, raincoat, warm clothing + replacement suitable indoor shoes
  • Portable charger ("powerbank")
  • Some food (there will be a food court at the festival), dishes (disposable, a mug), cutlery (a knife is needed)
  • Swimwear, swimming trunks (near the pond)
  • Flags, posters
  • Money, documents

Musicians for every taste will delight the guests. Here is just an incomplete list:
  • Naviband
  • Margarita Levchuk
  • "Red Green"
  • Veronika Kruglova (KRIWI)
  • Valeria Dele (DEE TREE)

"A Country to Live in" foundation is one of the partners of the Festival. This means that you can buy merchandise and merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies, caps, flags, etc.) of our organization at the venue. All the proceeds will go to help families of political prisoners with children.

Long live Belarus!
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