"A Country to Live in" foundation is one year old

Today "A Country to Live in" Foundation celebrates its birthday.

During the work of the Foundation, with your help, we have provided material assistance to 268 activists and volunteers for a total of 80,400 euros. From 27 to 98 families of political prisoners were under the monthly tutelage of the Foundation. In sum, they were paid 145,800 euros. More than 500 people were trained under the programs of "A Country to Live in" Foundation. With our help, over 50 developmental lectures were held in more than 20 cities of Belarus. Visa support was provided to 470 Belarusians, more than 150 legal consultations were carried out.

The drawing by the artist Olga Yakubovskaya depicts the Foundation's team - people who give all their strength to help political prisoners, which means they help the fight against injustice and lawlessness. We believe that solidarity and goodwill overcome evil. The darkness in Belarus will not last forever - political prisoners will be released, those who have left will be able to return, and those guilty of suffering and murder will be justly punished.

This year was filled with various emotions: sadness and joy, tears, and children's laughter. We went through the detention of our friends, colleagues, pain, and disappointment through pleasure, unity, and support. Thank you, everyone, that you were, are and continue to be with us.
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